Teens Going Jobless This Summer. Minimum Wage Laws Partly to Blame.

A follow-up to my post  Teens Face Worst Summer Job Market in 41 Years. CNBC reports Many Teen Workers Are Going Jobless This Summer:

Several factors have aligned to hurt what was once a vibrant and reliable labor market, experts say. In some cases, unemployed older Americans or illegal immigrants have taken the jobs, while an increase in the minimum wage has made it too expensive for some employers to hire teens.

Many teenagers would be willing to work for less than the minimum wage, if only it were legal.

“It’s good experience and it’s good to put on your college application,” she says. “You can’t put sitting around and doing nothing on your application.”

This will have severe repercussions in the future:

With less experience on their resume, some teens might find it hard to compete for jobs when they’re older, experts say.

“Employers across the spectrum are going to opt for someone with more experience.” says Dion Lim, president and COO of online job-search site SimplyHired.com. “There’s no replacement for work experience.”

Not that the minimum wage is the only cause of teenage unemployment. The article mentions other factors, most notably high unemployment in general. However, the minimum wage is supposed to help those at the lower end of the employment market by boosting their wages. Instead, it is making it harder for them to earn any wage and depriving them of much needed experience.


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