Time to support the independents. Time to support the Constitution!

For years we’ve heard anger directed at the two-party system. “The parties don’t represent us.” “They are all just a bunch of crooks.” Even I have said on many occasions, “There is only one thing I hate more than a Republican; and that’s a Democrat!”

Now American’s will have to put up or shut up. After the remarkable success of tea party candidates in the primaries, let’s see how these naysayers vote. We now have candidates who are well-educated in American values, whose stated goal is to uphold the Constitution, and are not beholden to either party. Yes, these candidates are all nominally Republicans, but so many of them were opposed by the party and, therefore, they have no allegiance to the party leadership.

The main argument against these candidates is that they are “too far to the right.” Right and left is not the issue here. The issue today is constitutional republicanism or collectivist tyranny. I know how the tea party candidates and supporters stand on these issues. And I know what those on the extreme left believe.

How about you Mr. Moderate and Mrs. Independent? Do you stand for law, order, justice, and liberty? Or do you stand for rule by men, corruption, party loyalty, and government handouts?

For the first time in many years, you will show us in November what you really believe. I urge you to vote for the tea party candidates whose loyalties belong to the Constitution and not to the Republican or Democratic Party.

One response to “Time to support the independents. Time to support the Constitution!

  1. I completely agree. This is not an election cycle where couch-surfing the results is an adequate contribution. A giant Red Wave is building that will wash away much of the established wisdom regarding what is possible in US politics – and every conservative Citizen of voting age has a duty to be part of it, to help amplify it, to create stories that they will be able to tell the children and grandchildren about how they helped restore the American Dream. If you can give money, give it – Obama’s class warfare will take it off you anyway, if you don’t. If you have time, give it – candidates need people to wear out their shoes on the streets and their voices on the phones. If you have friends or relatives who are not registered to vote, chivvy and chide them until register and then keep at it until they pledge to actually exercise this most precious of freedoms in November. Do what you can, be a part of the most exciting movement in modern political history, and we just might be able to save the Nation and with it the world.

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