Enumerated Powers Amendment for the Constitution

In addition to repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments and getting rid of the Federal Reserve (all of which began in 1913), I propose this new Amendment:

The federal government shall have no powers beyond those specifically enumerated in the Constitution or absolutely required for the enforcement of those enumerated powers.

The general welfare and commerce clauses do not give the federal government any powers beyond those specifically expressed elsewhere in the Constitution.

All commitments and liabilities of the United States must be honored and paid out either immediately or in their due course. No new commitments or liabilities from unconstitutional programs may be added after the ratification of this amendment.

If anybody has suggestions to improve this amendment, feel free to comment below or email me from the contact page.

3 responses to “Enumerated Powers Amendment for the Constitution

  1. As the general welfare clause pertains to the Citizens of the United States the congress shall pass no law or authorize the expenditure of any monies outside of the Territories of the United States;
    a)nor make grants or loans to any foreign power; excepting those that have petitioned for entry into the Union;
    b)excepting those funds directly related to the maintenance of military forces in the execution of declared war;
    c)excepting the instance of a natural disaster in which case the Congress may authorize up to two percent of any federal surplus monies from the budget to match funds donated by the citizens.

    Section eight of the Constitution is pretty clear the government is supposed to take care of OUR general welfare not that of other nations (that’s why they have their own governments right?)..
    a)stops the giving of money to other governments UNLESS they have asked to join..you want the money you play by our rules and pay into our system!
    b)stops us funding any and everything in an area we have troops, and would limit the spending of money to support overseas forces to times of war. IE stop the “world police” use of our Soldiers. Declare war or stay out of it.
    c)if there is an international disaster then they can set up a fund matching program to match what we the Citizens donate provided there is a SURPLUS to the budget (ie all debts paid, no deficit)

    • Very good Dwayne. I’ll vote for your Amendment.

      One very minor change I’d make. “in the execution of declared war”–>”in the execution of declared war by Congress.”

      I know that war must be declared by Congress, but most wars we have today are not declared by Congress. We don’t want the President “declaring” war and adding the words “by Congress” would make it much harder for a President to send troops overseas without Congress’s permission.

      It’s kind of a semantic/grammar change, but hopefully prevents future misunderstand. With the liberals reinterpreting our “living Constitution,” we must be very careful.

  2. Yeah.. good point on the “lie”brals gift for ignoring whatever words or phrasing they want so they can twist it to say what they want it to mean. Who would have believed 50 years ago our nation would get to this point?

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