Prisons Vs. Schools (via Compromised Conservative)

This is an insightful analysis of the cost of prisons versus the cost of schools. In sum, prison expenditures are a very small component of the nation’s GDP.

I stumbled across this piece at News Junkie that makes an impassioned argument that the U. S. is too concerned with keeping prisons fat with slave labor to spend any money on the education of America’s youth.  I’m highlighting the piece primarily to talk about the ways that we can draw false conclusions by relying solely on logic rather than real analysis. The prison system bothers me.  I agree with Liam Fox that we have too many prisoners, and t … Read More

via Compromised Conservative

2 responses to “Prisons Vs. Schools (via Compromised Conservative)

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  2. Thanks for the mention! My blog is new, and I appreciate the help in driving some people my way (you’ve given me my biggest day so far!).

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