Crazy Phoenix weather

We experienced some record cold weather here in Phoenix, AZ. Some stats I gleaned from the National Weather Service:

  • Low temperature yesterday: 33 degrees (predicting a low of 26 tomorrow morning)
  • Low windchill: 20 degrees
  • High temperature: 44 degrees
  • High windchill: ~35 degrees (estimated)
  • Low dewpoint: -18 degrees

Now how did this vary from the “normal?” For that, I went to Weather Underground:

  • High temperature was 24 degrees below normal
  • Low temperature was 23 degrees below normal
  • High dewpoint was 33 degrees below normal
  • Low dewpoint was 38 degrees below normal

In total, a historic day for Phoenix weather. And with a low of 26 expected tomorrow morning, let’s see what other record can be set (record low for February 3 is 28 degrees).

2 responses to “Crazy Phoenix weather

  1. The Greens see these records as a strong argument for “Man Made Global Warming.” They claim that our weather will become more extreme. So as the world becomes warmer we will see more and longer cold spells. They make no sense whatsoever, this looks more like the mini-ice age.

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