Teachers Unions only care about money

With the massive teachers strikes and protests in Wisconsin, I am very afraid for this country. The Bolshevik Revolution began with protests and union strikes. The Fascists in Italy and Nazis in Germany took over in part to stop the socialist/communist strikes. This country hasn’t seen strikes like these since the 1920s.

The teachers in Wisconsin don’t care about their customers: the students. We hear the cry over and over that “it’s for the children,” but when the teachers’ benefits are called into questions, they abandon the children during the school year to protest about money.

Just so you know, US Airways is protesting today down at Phoenix Sky Harbor over some contract dispute. Airline employees complain they aren’t making enough money. What about your customers? Airfares have gone up and quality of service has declined as we are packed into planes like cattle, and we now are poked, prodded, scanned, and molested to get through airport security. And through taxes and airfares, we pay for the right to do so.

Teachers unions. Airline unions. All other unions. All you care about is money, so stop pretending otherwise. “Fairness.” “Quality education.” “Safety.” You don’t care about any of that. You just want your share, more than your share, of the money.

Why should those struggling to make ends meet subsidize unions. Why can’t union employees compete in the free market like the rest of us? Because they are not worth what they are being paid? When did the land “of the people, by the people, for the people” become the land of “from the people, against the people, at the expense of the people?”

7 responses to “Teachers Unions only care about money

  1. With 17%+ unemployment / underemployment, it makes me mad when people with good jobs complain.

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  3. Heck, Michael, if the teachers go on a long enough strike, kids in Wisconsin might actually have a good chance at learning something. Unions lost their allure for me during the early ’70s when, as an assistant shop steward, I spent hours writing grievances and attending hearings to save the job of an incompetent associate, all the while knowing full well that the moment my efforts were successful, I’d be back to doing 3/4 of the guy’s work for him. Not to mention the fact that my union regularly donated millions of dollars to the campaigns of candidates, the thought of whose holding political office invariably sent me into uncontrolled spasms of nausea. (BTW, an old acquaintance and one of the presidents of my union was Andy Stern, who–ably assisted by his gun moll Anna Burger–later built SEIU into the brownshirted Obama adjunct it is today.

  4. What saddens me about these selfish union workers is our selfish president. There use to be a time when Americans would pull together. The president, all in the name of a vote from the unions, has divided this country into hate groups. Groups of haves and haves not. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Reagan faced this though with the air traffic controllers but he fired them and still managed to bring the country together! This president though acts like he thinks its funny. It breaks my heart!

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