An obvious defense of Scott Walker against the smears

Protestors in Wisconsin have compared Governor Scott Walker to Hosni Mubarak. But it’s not just the protesters. Even former Rep. David Obey (D-WI), a 41-year veteran of the House, said:

“All I know is that last week, when people were asking where Mubarak was — whether he had gone to Sharm el-Sheikh or Paris — I was saying he was ensconced in the governor’s mansion in Madison.”

Let’s compare the two.

  • Hosni Mubarak was an autocrat who ruled over Egypt for 30 years without fair elections and no checks and balances on his power.
  • Scott Walker is the duly elected governor of Wisconsin. He has been in power for a month and a half. He cannot enact any laws without bills first being passed by the state legislature.

The comparison is laughable. But then again, these very same people have compared Scott Walker to Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Some even say he is Mubarak and Hitler combined.

As one who has been called a Nazi for supporting the tea party (I am an active member of the North Phoenix Tea Party), I know what it feels like. And for those who don’t know, I’m an orthodox Jew. If you are going to insult somebody, at least be tactful. These attacks against Governor Walker are tasteless, historically inaccurate, and make the protesters look bad. But then again, maybe the protesters are bad…

4 responses to “An obvious defense of Scott Walker against the smears

  1. Interesting analysis. Mubarak, the tyrant who ruled for 30 years, fled Cairo. Which tyrant fled the Wisconsin statehouse? Legislators from the Democratic Party. So much for supposed “leadership.”

    It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in California, where the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California State Council of Service Employees (SEIU) are the two largest political spenders.

    1. California Teachers Association (CTA): $211,849,298
    2. California State Council of Service Employees (SEIU): $107,467,272

    SOURCE: California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPCC), “Big Money Talks: California’s Billion Dollar Club,” page 10, “The 15 That Spent $1 Billion to Influence California Voters and Public Officials.”

    Even California Democratic Party heavyweights see the error in our ways.

    Former California Assembly Leader, former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown (who explains the situation and the seriousness):

    Current California State Treasurer, former Attorney General, former President pro Tempore of the California Senate, Bill Lockyer (who explains why the California Legislature has failed to act):

    Both of these comments were made over a year ago.

    • Agree 100%. Right now, the MSM is portraying it as the union and Democrats against the evil Republicans. Just wait until the unions go to war with the Democratic governments of Illinois, California, and New York. If the states cave, there goes their bond rating and they’ll likely default. We are still in the top of the first inning with this story.

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  3. Unions are theft.

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