American vs. Chinese poor

China is boosting their determination of poverty to an annual income of $229.30. In the United States, the poverty level is $10,890.

So a poor person in the U.S. makes nearly 50 times as much money as a poor person in China. Additionally, American poor get all sorts of free services (subsidized public transportation, welfare, libraries, food stamps, etc.) from the government that the Chinese poor do not receive.

In fact, China’s per capita GDP is just $4,382. An American living in poverty has higher income than the average person in China.

One response to “American vs. Chinese poor

  1. Did you bother to find cost of living data? How about quality of life data? The small amount of information you’re focusing on is deceptive, and I wonder if it’s intentionally so… Are you trying to say that American poor people should be happy to be poor? Or that the Chinese poor are more virtuous for being poorer? Also, the subsidized services you mention are very uneven nationally, and since Reagan have been progressively further underfunded to provide more subsidies to pet conservative projects, or ineffective tax cuts. Confirmation bias, much?

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