Photos of the recently moved Hamilton Grange

On my recent trip to New York, I had the pleasure of visiting Hamilton Grange, the Harlem house built by Alexander Hamilton in 1802. I had visited the Grange before when it was located just a block away tucked in behind a church. It now sits in St. Nicholas Park, where its beauty shines.

In its new location, the inside of the Grange also looks much brighter and more colorful. The windows sport better views.

A statue of Alexander Hamilton with some quotes about his greatness still stands at the location where the Grange had previously stood.

I highly recommend a visit to Hamilton Grange if you live in New York City or planning a visit.

2 responses to “Photos of the recently moved Hamilton Grange

  1. Harrison Gray Otis

    Lovely pictures of “The Grange.” But I do hope that wonderful bronze statue of Alexander Hamilton will be relocated, along with its plinth, to join his restored house in St. Nicholas Park. It would be a terrible waste to leave it behind in that out-of-the way alley, to be appreciated only by pigeons.

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