A proposal to satisfy Warren Buffett and raise his taxes

I’m tired of hearing Warren Buffett complain about not paying enough in taxes.

I propose a 10% property tax on all Americans with personal wealth in excess of $40 billion. This should bring the government about $10.5 billion in new revenue; $4.4 billion from Warren Buffett and $6.1 billion from Bill Gates.

What say you Mr. Buffett? Willing to put your money where your mouth is?

7 responses to “A proposal to satisfy Warren Buffett and raise his taxes

  1. I was glad to hear Governor Christie tell Buffet to “shut up.”

  2. That was a nice comment for a liberal to make. More taxes that are leveled unfairly to one group over another group. Try calling for balance!

  3. I understand your frustration with Buffet. I share it. But, please don’t give the government the idea to start taxing wealth as well as income. Please!

  4. I understand you feelings but you will pay …..
    nice comments …..

  5. Hey, Michael, I love it! That would be effective in shutting them up.

    Now, let’s cut bureaus and programs. We were a far better nation without them. On the block: EPA (every state has its own); Education (every state has its own); Energy (hasn’t found, refined a drop and hasn’t found a market efficient alternative — no surprise as it’s incapable of doing either);Labor (exists to maintain the existence of unions,enabling their money laundering operations for the Democrat Party); Agriculture (agribusinesses have made any real need for this bureau obsolete).

  6. Thanks to your uninformed comments, I now know not to bother reading your books. Perhaps you should listen to what Buffet’s rational is before you disagree with him. Obviously you have no clue regarding what he is talking about.Apparently you do not understand, for example, about the differential increases in income among the various income groups over the last several decades. How would YOU resolve this problem? My guess is you don’t care.

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