Global warming is upon us! Break out the winter coats and sunblock.

As the country suffers its worst freeze in decades, many are debating whether this proves or disproves the global warming theory. Let me summarize how weather events are caused by global warming.

Global warming causes extreme cold.
Global warming causes extreme heat.

Global warming causes flooding.
Global warming causes drought.

Global warming causes more hurricanes.
Global warming causes fewer hurricanes.

Global warming causes more tornadoes.
Global warming causes fewer tornadoes.

To summarize, if there is a weather event out there or if there is no weather event, it is being caused the global warming. The science is settled and the global warming deniers will burn in hell, unless hell freezes over because of…global warming.

3 responses to “Global warming is upon us! Break out the winter coats and sunblock.

  1. Global warming aka climate change is a lie. The earth has been cooling for the past few years. If anything it is global cooling. But in reality the earths weather goes in cycles and that is normal.

  2. you left one out:
    Global warming is caused by George Bush
    or is it
    George Bush was caused by global warming?

  3. You know when I heard the entire global warming thing at first I accepted it. But then when I noticed that the weather wasn’t really changing all that dramatically, or in fact getting colder where I reside, the thought occurred to me that it may all be a smokescreen to cover up an impending ice age. Maybe they don’t want everyone in the north to all of the sudden move south. Naturally that would have an effect on the economy. But you know what else it would effect? The oil industry. The country wouldn’t need so much heating oil if people, particularly the elderly (baby boomers, gosh what would happen to the oil industry of all of the baby boomers just moved south after retirement), if all of the elderly moved south. And you know who owns a lot of big oil? The same guy who is a proponent of global warming. Yes, that’s right. Coincidence? Some believe global warming is just a big business conspiracy meant to maintain the price of oil.

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