Some of the New Discoveries to be Found In Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

Over the next several weeks, as Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years is prepped for publication and its Kickstarter campaign raises funds for publication, I’ll be compiling a list of some of the new discoveries that are to be found in the book. Today, I present to you  two discoveries regarding Alexander Hamilton that have never before been revealed to the public.

  • As a fourteen-year-old in 1771 working for Nicholas Cruger in St. Croix, Alexander Hamilton wrote to John Wendell of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, “We are surprised Mr. [John] Hancock has not sent us the amount of Hancock & Wendell & paid you the Balance, which we requested so long ago.” [John Hancock would later become the President of Congress and Governor of Massachusetts.]
  • Alexander Hamilton’s famous account of the West Indian hurricane of 1772, which was originally published in St. Croix’s The Royal Danish American Gazette, was reprinted in a Boston newspaper in December 1772. Alexander Hamilton apparently never knew this. Neither did his family. Neither has any historian or biographer prior to now.

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4 responses to “Some of the New Discoveries to be Found In Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

  1. I’m an aspiring historian at this moment, and I am currently working on what may become a ‘thesis’ on Abraham Lincoln’s Hamiltonian economic platform. I’m also a member of the Alexander Awareness Society, where I found your kickstarter campaign. I pledged $40, thinking what the hell, I may be on the other side of this one day. I was wondering though, why the kickstarter campaign, were no university presses interested in the work?

    • I sent queries to publishers and agents. While waiting to hear back (I’m still getting responses three months later), I decided to do the work to self-publish. I self-published my first two books, so I know what I’m doing. Mainstream publishing just can’t keep up. If I went with them, the book wouldn’t be published for another 6 to 9 months. Instead, the book will be ready in two months.

      • Thanks, my apologies, I wasn’t inferring you didn’t know what you were doing, rather I was more or less inquiring whether publishers just weren’t interested based on subject matter.

        • I don’t know that publishers and agents are not interested, but I do know that it takes them longer to decide whether they are interested than it takes me to produce and publish the book. I can’t believe that three months are querying some agents, they are now asking to see my manuscript. If an agent or publisher had decided within weeks whether they were interested, I would have certainly talked to them about mainstream publishing. But they take forever…

          If you are interested in having a book published, you really have to approach agents and publishers long before the book is finished. Perhaps I should have done that instead of waiting until it was nearly done. But I’m happy with the outcome so far. The only remaining question is sales.

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