The irreplaceable Alexander Hamilton is being replaced on the $10 bill

If you haven’t already heard, the Secretary of the Treasury announced that Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, will be replaced on the $10 bill by a woman. Social media sites are up in arms about this. How can the man most closely related to our monetary and financial system be replaced without any public input? I too have been posting on facebook and twitter about this ridiculous action. Here’s a sample of what I’ve had to say on this topic:

  • I predict there will be such a backlash against this that they’ll change their mind.
  • There are only two women who can replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 and I won’t complain: Elizabeth Hamilton or Audrey Hepburn.
  • I’m not in favor of kicking Jackson off the $20 just to replace him with a woman. Replace him with the best person, regardless of gender.
  • I vote to keep Alexander Hamilton on the ten and remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 and replace him with Albert Gallatin. Who is with me?
  • If they remove Alexander Hamiltonfrom the $10, will they also remove the Treasury Building from the back? Doesn’t make much sense to have Harriet Tubman on the front and the Treasury on the back.
  • With the desire to have a woman on a Treasury note, what about the other minority groups? Don’t they also deserve representation? Therefore, I propose the new bills be adopted:
    $3 woman
    $4 African American
    $6 Native American
    $7 Asian American
    $8 Hispanic American
    $9 LGBT activist
    $11 Jewish American
    $12 Catholic American
    $13 Muslim American
    $14 Buddhist American
    $15 Hindu American
    $16 Confucianist American
    $17 Shinto American
    $18 Atheist American
    $19 Agnostic American
    $21 Add your own photo (they do it for stamps)
  • Is the purpose of removing Alexander Hamilton from our money part of the long-running plot to minimize the contributions of the Founding Fathers? Discuss.

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