Corrections to The Path to Tyranny

The 1st edition (page 223) says, “Non-military spending has risen from 5.9 percent of GDP in 1945 to a record high 39.6 percent in 2009.” The 5.9 figure was federal non-military spending and did not include state and local spending. This is corrected in the 2nd edition (page 236) to, “Non-military spending has risen from 11.0 percent of GDP in 1945 to a record high 37.1 percent in 2009.” The statistic for 2009 has also been updated to reflect the most recent available data, as have all 2009 statistics.

Footnote on page 15 of 1st edition and 16 of 2nd edition lists Polybius, Histories 6.4.6 as the source when it should be 6.4.9.

Page 94 of 1st edition and 101 of 2nd edition says “Elijah fiercely opposed King Ahaz and Queen Jezebel.” That should be “King Ahab.”