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Obama’s speech proves that Fox News has won!

The great James Taranto debates with himself about what word Obama and the Democrats will use to push their budget, which will include tax increases. Taranto writes:

The Washington Post reports that Obama will give a speech tomorrow at George Washington University “promoting a bipartisan approach pioneered by an independent presidential commission” whose recommendations he had ignored until now…

….Our guess is that the mantra will be “balance” rather than “fairness”…

…Whereas “fairness” is a readily identifiable code word for socialism, “balance”–as in “a balanced budget”–connotes living within one’s means.

If Obama and the Democrats have to choose between fair and balanced, clearly Fox News’ fair and balanced motto has already won.

Crabs believe in global warming; die for those beliefs.

James Taranto is his usual witty self in a recent Best of the Web:

Global Warmist Crab Antics
“Thousands of dead crabs have washed up along the Kent coast, with environmental experts believing the cold weather in Britain is to blame,” London’s Daily Mail reports. That can only mean one thing: global warming! Seriously, that is what these guys are claiming:

The Velvet swimming crabs – also called devil crabs – are thought to be victims of Britain’s coldest December in 120 years, which left sea temperatures much lower than average. . . . Coastal warden Tony Sykes said: ‘We suspect that climate change and warmer weather has lured the crabs towards the shoreline.

So this isn’t the same ridiculous claim we’ve been hearing lately, that global warming causes cold weather. Rather, the problem here seems to be that the crabs made the mistake of believing in global warming.