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Bill Daley Is Right: Government Should Copy Business

by Michael E. Newton

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, White House Chief of Staff William Daley said government should act more like a business: “Take some of those cuts, invest them in things that will have a return as you come out of this recession. That’s what successful companies do. And that’s what the government has got to do.” At Bill Daley prompting, let’s look at how businesses act during a recession.

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Obama’s State of the Union: $400 billion of what?

In the State of the Union, President Obama pledged to cut the “deficit by more than $400 billion.” Well, just how much money is that?

First of all, that’s a $400 billion cut over the next decade. In other words, he wants to cut $40 billion per year.

Let’s put that in perspective:

  • $40 billion is about 3% of the current deficit.
  • $40 billion is about 1% of current federal government spending.
  • $40 billion is about 0.3% of our GDP.

Basically, $40 billion is a rounding error. Obviously, I’m very skeptical by calls for small spending cuts when, at the same time, the President also said he plans to increase spending… I mean investments… in other areas.

President Obama to announce freeze in nonsecurity, discretionary spending, but he won’t actually do so.

According to the latest news reports:

President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address to call for a five-year freeze on nonsecurity, discretionary spending, a White House official said Tuesday, hours before Obama goes before the joint session of Congress.

Hey, that sounds like great news. Obama really is embracing his move to the center and the deficit is sure to shrink with this spending freeze.

But wait… Let me finish reading the article:

Obama is also expected to call for spending — or “investments” — in education, research and infrastructure as a means of making the country more competitive.

What? I thought Obama was going to freeze nonsecurity, discretionary spending but here he is proposing new nonsecurity, discretionary spending.

Even so, I consider this great news. I hope and expect the Republicans to hold Obama to his pledge to freeze nonsecurity, discretionary spending and ignore his simultaneous calls for more spending. Actually, it would be even better if the Republicans cut spending, but I don’t expect any miracles.

Additionally, if Republicans can quickly pass a budget freezing nonsecurity, discretionary spending, I hope they’ll immediately move on to addressing entitlement spending.

The Republicans now have their chance to fix many, but not all, of the problems in our budget. I hope they seize the opportunity at a time that our President is trying to be, or at least pretending to be, moderate.

Dear comrade to propose even more deficit spending (via Da Mook)

The President will propose more spending, or “targeted investments” as he calls it, in his State of the Union.

This is President Obama’s idea of being a moderate? Oy!

Dear comrade to propose even more deficit spending Imagine this scenario: You get a brilliant idea that you can beat the odds in Las Vegas. You mortgage your home to the hilt, empty your savings accounts and your kid’s piggybank and drop it all on a single roll of the roulette wheel. Naturally, you lose everything. So, what now? Well, being broke you don’t have a lot of options. But if you’re a bureaucrat and you’re playing with someone else’s money, the answer is simple – double down. That’s ess … Read More

via Da Mook