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Was the 2010 election a referendum on Obama or a return to republicanism?

Reuters reports:

Big election losses suffered by Democrats were “first and foremost” a reflection of the economy’s weakness rather than a wholesale rejection of his policies, President Barack Obama said on Sunday.

“The party in power was held responsible for an economy that is still underperforming and where a lot of folks are still hurting,” Obama told the CBS program “60 Minutes” in an interview.

Additionally, many are calling this Obama’s Watergate.

If Obama is correct that this election was a reaction to the weak economy and the political analysts are correct in comparing this to Watergate, a reaction to corruption and political heavy-handedness, we are little better off than we were before the election. We may have better people in Congress, or maybe not, but does this election reflect a change in the American people?

It is my hope that the election was about more than just the economy and more than just a reaction to Obama’s over-reaching. It is my hope that the election was about the direction of this country more than it was a referendum on the last two years. I hope this election was a reflection of the American people’s desire for a restoration of the Constitution and a return to republican ideals.

Most likely, the election reflects both dynamics. The Obama backlash will only be temporary, lasting one or two elections. To ensure that the 2010 election is the start of an American reawakening, we must double our efforts in promoting the Constitution and republicanism.