Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers is now available!

I am proud to announce that Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers: The Fight for Control of the American Revolution is now available for sale at numerous online stores, including and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers is also available on Kindle.

If you would like a preview, you can read a portion of the book and search through it over at Google Books. (Amazon’s Look Inside feature should be enabled shortly).

Angry mobs launched the American Revolution when they protested against British acts of tyranny. These rebels threatened, harassed, and chased away British officials and Loyalists. The Founding Fathers agreed with the goals of these Patriots, but not with their methods. Fearing anarchy, the Founders channeled the passions of the mobs toward independence.

Working together, the angry mobs and Founding Fathers defeated the mighty British army and won independence, but the new nation that emerged was anarchic and chaotic, much like the angry mobs themselves. Meeting behind closed doors, the Founding Fathers conspired to depose the Confederation government, wrote a new constitution, and created the world’s most successful republic.

‘Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers’ tells the little-known story of how these two groups fought for control of the American Revolution.

4 responses to “Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers is now available!

  1. Hi, MICHAEL. I’ll be added your latest work to my little blog bookstore today. Also, in case you missed it, Ana The Imp just mentioned your last on her blog (

    “By coincidence, besides the Federalist Papers, I’ve been reading Michael Newton’s The Path to Tyranny: A History of Free Society’s descent into Tyranny, which finishes with a chapter on the United States, written well before the present crisis.”

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Here’s the link to my bookstore:
    On my blog, it’s found on the “Souvenir Shop” page.

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