Obama the Luddite

Barack Obama believes that unemployment is high, in part, because of ATM machines.

Our President is totally right. It’s totally the ATMs fault. I think we should go around destroying all ATM machines. Think about how many jobs we’ll create by destroying all those machine.

Luddites of the world, unite!

5 responses to “Obama the Luddite

  1. I’m going to start a buggy whip factory. Do you want to invest?

  2. Why not just return to feudalism while we are at it? I’m sure that we can find some takers at the DNC for that idea.

    • Feudalism is the inevitable outcome of collapsed societies.

      From The Path to Tyranny about the fall of Rome: “Without the rich to pay the taxes, the burden fell upon the poor. The poor who had not already fled to work on their own farms also abandoned Rome and went to work on the estates of the wealthy, thus creating a feudal society.”

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